Our dyno is able to measure engines with more than 350 BHP and speeds up to 300 Km.\h. so it can be used to measure and fine tune the performances of almost any engine.

Sometimes, modifications to the exhaust system, air filters, carburation or injection parameters, distribution diagrams, relation of compression, use of racing fuels etc. could harm both the power and speed of the car, so an adjustment of all those characteristics can be very useful in getting better results.

At Silver Car we've got the tools and knowledge to do just that. We modify and adjust the injection and carburation of the CM cars (Suzuki and Yamaha engines).  

You will really be able to see the improvement on engine performances after any adjustment and change of parts, getting the best possible results with the extra advantage of far lower costs than on-track testing, also with the added value of real measurable data, not just unquantifiable driving sensations.  

The main parameters we can measure are:
- Maximum engine power.
- Maximum engine power at the wheels.
- Maximum engine torque.
- Maximum engine torque at the wheels.
- State of the air-fuel mixture.
- Km./h. in any gear.
- Top speed.
- Temperature of the exhaust gases.
- Water temperature.

You can be present at the tests of your car and with your own mechanics.  

Our prices are unbeatable, and if you are a driver you'll get an extra discount.